Anniversaries with Leeds Disco

Music to match any occasion

We know that your anniversary is a very special occasion. We come prepared to entertain anybody from young to old with our extensive music collection, knowing when to turn the music down so that people can talk and reminisce and yet not lose any atmosphere.

Make it a night to remember

We want this to be your special night so if you want, you can compile your own playlist to suit you and your guests and we’ll make sure we find the songs that will get people up and dancing or sitting and chatting. We have radio microphones for your speeches and a great light and laser show for you and your guests to enjoy and dance along with.

Anniversary discos are usually for couples who have made it 10, 20, 30 and more years, and we have the music to cater for all of these events. Whether your guests are all the same age or totally mixed, we’ll make sure we play the songs that people will love.

Family and friends

Anniversaries are a great chance to get together with family and friends and reminisce about the good old days – with Leeds Disco, you can be sure that everyone will go home with some great new memories of a fantastic night.

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